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API - Application Programmers Interface



APIs allow our software systems to communicate with each other; giving you

instant information.


A Web API is an application programming interface for either a web server or a web browser. It is a web development concept, usually limited to a web application's client-side (including any web frameworks being used), and thus usually does not include web server or browser implementation details such as SAPIs or APIs unless publicly accessible by a remote web application.


The Rail IQ CRMS system also offers a host of API interfaces that allow for organizations to tap into the intelligence of the Rail IQ CRMS without using any of its UI interfaces.   This allows CRMS to be integrated into any solution, whether it is hosted internally or externally on a need-by-need basis.


These APIs can be utilized to connect to, for example, external inventory or financial systems.  Alternatively, subscribers can tap into the Rail IQ auditing service to verify the accuracy of any invoice or BRC – both from contract shops or railroads – to enhance their own internal systems.  YAML definitions are available upon request.